About us

Specialist knowledge and industry expertise - a ideal addition
Our task is to accompany our clients in a constructive manner by continually supplementing our specialist knowledge with industry expertise. This synthesis facilitates efficient and creative consultancy.

Industry expertise puts us in a position where we can better evaluate our clients' worlds and points of view. This promotes a creative dialogue that can provide a vital impetus for the success of a client.

Our many years of experience have shown that this approach to consultancy is particularly helpful for our medium-sized and independent professional clients.

Interdisciplinary advice
We put value on multiple professional qualifications and many years of professional experience. The continuous mutual exchange of our professional experience guarantees that our diverse knowledge can flow into the consultancy arena.

We are in a position to put together and make flexible use of small but highly efficient teams for the important areas of audit and consultancy in companies and for independent professionals.

Active consultancy with foresight
General economic and tax conditions change continuously. We keep permanently up to date and observe developments carefully.

We bring together knowledge of legal and tax developments on the one hand and the client's individual situation on the other and draw conclusions from these. In this way, we can offer active and forward-looking consultancy. Our clients receive regular information on occurrences that affect current topics and changes in the law.

Our aim is to make sure that our clients can act instead of having to react.