Financial statements
We carry out the legally prescribed audits of annual and consolidated financial statements for companies of all legal forms, including those in accordance with international accounting rules (IFRS and US-GAAP). We can access our partner companies in the UHY network for auditing foreign subsidiaries of German parent companies. Conversely, in the case of subsidiaries of foreign companies, we audit the Reporting Package and report to the parent company. In the case of conversion of accounting principles to IFRS, we can support you and your project both professionally and as auditors.

Voluntary audits
In the case of company acquisitions, reorganizations, financial rescues and in many other special situations, our clients trust the results of our special business audits (e.g. due diligence, internal audits, fraud, due diligence of management, over-indebtedness).

Audited quality
Accountants who carry out legally prescribed annual audits are obliged to undergo quality control every three years (a so-called peer review). We successfully took part in the quality control system already in 2003 in order to document our high standard of quality.

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