Tax consultancy 

Ongoing tax consultancy
Within the scope of ongoing tax consultancy, we can offer the following reliable and economical services:

  • Ongoing financial accounting, including short-term income statements
  • Ongoing payroll accounting, including all returns under social security law
  • Preparation of annual accounts for companies of all legal forms
  • Reporting in accordance with individual requirements and the needs of the company
  • Preparation of all company and private tax returns
  • Representation in tax opposition proceedings and support in tax audits

Creative tax advice
The focus of our tax consultancy work is creative tax advice and tax planning. Here we can offer the following services:

  • Tax-optimal organization of contracts and other issues
  • Tax optimization in the reorganization and restructuring of companies
  • Selection of legal forms and comparisons of tax burdens
  • Tax optimization of business and asset succession
  • Advice in association with company purchases and sales
  • Tax optimization in drafting wills

International tax consultancy
We support an increasing number of our clients across borders in international tax matters. We can also — if necessary — quickly access our partner companies in the international UHY network, without a lot of red tape (see also International Taxes).

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