Advice on Asset Management

We don’t want to leave our clients on their own when it comes to onsiderations, questions, doubts and problems regarding their assets. This is why we offer all-round care, and complete and comprehensive advice that also includes advice on asset questions. As tax advisers, we have the
best view into and across the asset and income relationships of our clients.

We are independent and impartial. We do not want to sell our own products; we do not need to reach any sales targets and are not striving to maximize any expenses. As tax consultants, we also have the necessary tax knowledge. This is indispensable in offering advice on asset questions, as these are always inseparably linked to tax aspects.

In detail, we can provide advice on the following subject areas, amongst others:

  •     Strategic asset structuring: Advice mainly on the long-term structuring of assets, i.e. allocation of assets into individual asset classes
  •     Asset succession, inheritance law and inheritance tax
  •     Retirement benefits
  •     Advice and clarification of so-called tax saving models
  •     Testing asset proposals
  •     In addition, we can also help in all questions of asset opportunities that specifically occur for individual clients.

Frequently, tax advice in our chambers is directly or indirectly linked to advice on asset questions. The depth and extent can range from a small verbal piece of advice (”incidental“ and free of charge) to a solid allocation study for strategic asset structuring. We can accompany you in putting this into practice with financial service providers. As the client, you decide on the depth and scope.

Dr. Edmund Weigert

Dr. Edmund Weigert

Economics graduate
Tax Consultant
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