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German SME companies have a below-average equity ratio compared to other countries, which is why financing is often a problem for these companies. For these clients we offer advice especially on the following topics:

Classic bank financing

With regard to traditional bank financing, individual credit risks are increasingly assessed in accordance with rating procedures in accordance with Basel II, which is why we prepare companies specifically.

Private equity financing

When financing through institutional investors with medium-term equity (private equity financing), we help to reconcile interests on the company side ("staying in the house", costs) and on the investor side (return, exit strategy) become. We can use our long-standing contacts with private equity and venture capital companies for the benefit of both parties.

On behalf of the investor, we can also carry out due diligence, by which the target company is analyzed as comprehensively and holistically as possible.

Mezzanine financing

The mezzanine financing, which has both equity and debt character, is becoming increasingly important. We advise on the examination of the advantages for borrowers and lenders as well as on the optimal design of the mezzanine agreement.


Investors increasingly expect timely and high-quality information from companies. We support the development of a meaningful financial reporting system (with planning and reporting) as well as the preparation for the bank assessment, which strongly influences the credit rating. In the case of companies that have outsourced their accounting to us, we also compile transparent and meaningful business evaluations (BWA) during the year (monthly, quarterly). Reporting is carried out according to the specific requirements of each individual company.


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Thilo Rath

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