Healthcare professions

The healthcare market is the focus of political discussion. The ever-changing environment and intensifying competition is a major challenge for anyone working in this sector. With the introduction of the case flat rates (DRGs) in the clinics and the far-reaching changes by the GMG for the established area, a reorientation is increasingly necessary to secure the future of the medical professions sustainably.

With our many years of experience and our industry know-how, we can support you at all stages of your professional development. We advise a large number of physicians (single and group practices, practice communities), medical care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other facilities for medical treatment in civil and corporate law, business management and tax issues from a single source.

Creative advice

The purchase or sale of a doctor's office are far-reaching decisions that can quickly have adverse consequences without professional advice. There are also many problems (not only of a tax nature) in the founding of joint practice or joint practice or in other forms of cooperation.

Our services:

  • Advising the purchaser or vendor in the case of practice transfers
  • Legal and tax law advice on the founding of joint practice and joint practice
  • Pointing the way to medical care centers (MVZ)
  • Review of medical practices
  • Optimization in terms of imminent commercialization
  • Private wealth and succession planning
  • Assessment of VAT liability for medical services

Business advice

The medical practice is becoming more and more of a business enterprise and thus a provider of health services. Business thinking and action thus come to the fore.

We have the opportunity to closely supervise all business processes, to give you an accurate picture of the economic development of your practice and to inform you in time about negative developments. Your advantage is that you focus on the practice while we monitor your practice.

Our services:

  • External practice comparison on a quarterly basis
  • Monthly planning and taxation of all liquidity flows
  • Monthly nominal/actual comparison
  • Establishing scenarios (business/ private)
  • Analysis of weaknesses
  • Analysis of the income side (especially in view of private patients and medical services not covered by health plans)

Ongoing tax advice

The current financial and payroll accounting is created promptly and cost-effectively. Likewise, the income surplus statement or the annual financial statements as well as the related tax returns. In addition, we have developed meaningful and graphically prepared business evaluations especially for physicians who provide regular (monthly, quarterly) and comprehensible information about the financial development of the practice.

Through forward-looking advice, we also focus on the personal financial situation of the practice owner. In addition to tax forecasts and budget forecasts, we also advise you on issues relating to financial security in old age (strategic asset structuring).

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Dieter Westphal

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