Internal Audit

Internal audits, an indispensable part of the internal control system, identify the top risks in a company. Today, they are becoming even more important within more sensitive risk management and the continuing pressure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. The internal control system stands for compliance, effectiveness, efficiency, security, focus on risk and future-proofing. It offers benefits and security in the sense of risk minimization.

We have extensive expertise in this area and can offer the following services:

Establishing and designing an internal control system

  • Establishing an internal company reporting system, including documentation requirements
  • Establishing action plans
  • Standardization of control procedures

Auditing (also parts) of the internal control system

  • Auditing (also delimited) sections of the internal control system
  • Monitoring and identifying critical control activities and assessing effectiveness
  • Auditing adherence to documentation requirements
  • Compliance tests

Taking over internal audit tasks

  • Auditing business procedures in all sectors close to accounting for irregularities and inefficiencies using variance analyses
  • Monitoring the internal control system
  • Services for setting up in-house internal audit systems
  • Reviews of particular business processes and for improvement in internal controls
  • Fraud and misappropriation audits
  • Compliance reviews
  • Outsourcing or co-sourcing audit tasks

SOX-specific services and SOX audits

  • Establishing special SOX requirements
  • SOX audits / documentation and testing

Advice within the scope of the risk management system

  • Risk assessment (identification, analysis and assessment of risks)
  • Audit of the risk management system regarding its effectiveness
  • (Joint) creation of internal company risk policies
  • Risk inventories
Thilo Rath

Thilo Rath

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