Die Sound solutions for asset and business succession are a perennial problem. Published data on business succession confirm that in the next five years about 70,000 companies in Germany will need their succession regulated each year. Problems include economic, legal and tax aspects and the regulation of provisions. We have put together a professionally skilled and experienced team for the complex problems of asset and business succession in our Succession skill centre. It is important for us to be able to plan and implement succession as a whole.

Our management consultancy and provision advice includes:

  • Making an inventory and determining net assets  and assignment assets
  • Business evaluation
  • Evaluation of the real estate
  • Evaluation of shares
  • Financial planning for transferors and asset recipients
  • Asset planning with risk cover
  • Asset and liquidity cover for transferors

Our legal consultancy services include:

  • Determining family relationships
  • Presenting the rules on matrimonial property that will apply and the personal (legal) succession situation (with bequests and division arrangements, amongst others)
  • Selection of a legal form for the company beneficial for the successors
  • Inspecting inheritance and mandatory share claims
  • Co-ordinating regulations under corporate law (statutes) to the individual succession ruling (will, testamentary contract)
  • Arranging the will of the entrepreneur
  • Arranging marriage and testamentary contracts
  • Arrangements in the course of anticipated succession
  • (Partial) transfer of business property
  • (Partial) transfer of private assets
  • Balancing payments/compensation to joint heirs
  • Financial contributions in lifetime due to marriage
  • Consideration of fallback clauses
  • Inclusion in family company (family pool)

Our tax consultancy services include:

  • Advance calculation of inheritance/gift and, if necessary, income tax charges based on legal or existing succession regulations
  • Arrangement of a tax-optimized succession concept
  • Support in buy-out/buy-in succession rulings


Jochen Reiter

Jochen Reiter

Tax Consultant
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