The Spanish Desk (Centro de Competencia Español)

Within the scope of our Spanish Desk, we offer both care of Spanish-speaking clients in Germany (inbound) and advice for German clients with interests in Spanish-speaking countries (outbound). In particular, it is apparent that companies from Spain are becoming more active in the German market. One focus of our work therefore lies in the comprehensive and complete care of Spanish companies in Germany.

The partner responsible for the Spanish Desk, Dr. Edmund Weigert, worked in Spain for several years. He was the Director Financiero-administrativo of a public limited company (plc) in Castilla-La Mancha

In detail, we can offer you the following services:

  • Support in founding and building up representation in Germany
  • Choice of the optimal legal form
  • Carrying out all the legal formalities (commercial register, tax authorities, registration of a business, chamber of commerce and industry)
  • Accounting (in Spanish and German, as well as according to Spanish and and German classification of accounts)
  • Ongoing reporting
  • Preparation and auditing of annual accounts
  • Preparation of all tax returns
  • Advice on mergers & acquisitions (e.g. financial / tax / legal due diligence, expert appraisals, structuring of contracts)
  • Business management advice
  • Organization and documentation of international transfer prices
  • Transfer of foreign annual or group accounts into accounts according to HGB, IFRS or US-GAAP

We are a member of the international network of UHY International. Through this, we are linked to more than 200 offices in 60 countries and thus are represented in all of the important Spanish-speaking countries. This means that we can answer any questions you may have in the areas of tax, accountancy, company law and business management in these countries through chambers in our network.


Dr. Edmund Weigert

Dr. Edmund Weigert

Economics graduate
Tax Consultant
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