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Legal questions in companies are often complex and are linked to the structuring of business activities. For this reason, understanding individual company aims and close personal contact with the entrepreneur are important preconditions for comprehensive, forward-looking advice. Often, business administration and tax considerations also play a role, such as in cases of founding, restructuring or selling a company or if a ruling on succession needs to be made. In these cases, the choice of the right legal form can lead to tax savings. It is therefore our particular concern are your particular concern to inform our clients, with an eye to the future, of changes in the law and of possible reactions in order to prevent tax disadvantages. After all, the interdisciplinary advice of lawyers, aufitors and tax consultants that we can offer is a particular advantage. In this way, we can offer, develop, optimize comprehensive solutions quickly, efficiently and in close communication with the entrepreneur and then implement them contractually.

A selection of our range of consultancy services:

  • Choice of the optimal legal form
  • Company foundations
  • Mergers and cooporation between companies and practices
  • Purchase and sale of companies and practices
  • Business succession and Furtherance
  • Disputes over assets under company and inheritance law
  • Trade agreements, licensing agreements and co-operation agreements
  • Preparation and holding of shareholders meetings
  • Company conversions
  • Advice on financing, Basel III, venture capital, private equity, mezzanine
  • Advice on shareholder disputes
  • Advice on cessation of business and refurbishments

We are a member of uhy , an international association of independent accounting and consulting firms whose legal entity is Urbach Hacker Young International Limited, a company incorporated under British law founded in 1986. UHY International is a member of the forum of firms, a consortium of auditing firms to ensure high quality international auditing standards, to which fewer than 25 companies worldwide belong.

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