International Taxation

The increasing alignment of economic activities to international markets and the prospects of obtaining legal and tax advantages for investments abroad require early advice on the tax implications of these activities. As natural persons, partnerships, corporations, and other associations of persons are taxed differently in most countries, comprehensive information on respective structuring options and their tax consequences are required, as well as careful planning of the implementation of these activities.

Information The Federal Republic of Germany has candeled agreements with most economically advanced nations to avoid double taxation. The knowledge and interpretation of these double taxation agreements is indispensable for the tax optimization of international activities. But even with countries with which no agreement has been candeled, it is important to avoid double taxation using suitable arrangements.

A selection of our range of consultancy services:

  • Tax-optimizing structuring of foreign activities
  • Legal and tax advice in the case of movements to and from a country
  • Determination, formulation and documentation of transfer price arrangements and cost allocations in corporate associations
  • Establishment of companies, branches or holding companies abroad
  • Procurement of legal and tax advice abroad


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